Welcome to AFC


We are an Evangelical Christian congregation made up of a variety of age groups and backgrounds. Our goal is to build Christ centered families. AFC is affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference. We are located 5 miles South East of Anola at 58006 Monominto Rd. 


Important Notice:
- At present worship services are now being held indoors (see below for time). For more information call Pastor Jack at 204-792-3524.
- Sermons will be recorded and posted on this website. 
- Sermon Series: Romans is available on the "Sermon Archive" page.
AFC Programs
Worship Service
Sundays 10 am. to 11am. 
Sunday School

Sunday School which is normally available for ages kindergarten to adult has been temporarily suspended because of COVID-19. 

Pioneer Club Pioneer Clubs Explorer's Program (On hold because of covid-19 restrictions)
For more information contact Marilyn 204-866-3707.
Youth Program (On Hold because of covid-19 restrictions)
Fridays evenings at the church starting at 7:30 p.m. For more information contact Matt 204-688-7710.
Playground Bible Safari: Self-guided lessons from Proverbs
Open July 11 to end of August: Kids of all ages are invited to drop by to visit the Playground Bible Safari.  The safari features a large Jenga game, soccer nets, balance beam, memory challenge and more along with lessons from the Bible book of Proverbs.
Email wichers@highspeedcrow.ca for more information.
For more information on these programs and other activities see ministries page.


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Church phone: 204-866-3597

Pastor's cell: 204-792-3524